Monday, July 19, 2010

Coco Avant Cubano

I just wanted to share a little insight into my days at work. Coco is our most regular customer at Coco Cubano. She lives very close. In the roof in fact. She visits about five or six times a day looking for food and brings a lot of excitement with her. I love you Coco.

UPDATE! 31/10/10


  1. Coco is an unassuming customer. She asks for nothing yet brings much with her. Unbeknownst to us Coco has a secret. A secret life away from the laneway in which she lives and the cafe' which she visits. Coco is a star. She's cameod in many productions filmed in Sydney, yet she does not wish to be recognised for her work. Yes Coco is a star. Watch out for her next time you're at the movies, or next time you visit us at Coco Cubano.

  2. oh wendy! your so mysterious!! coco is such good value. love that chick.

    havnt seen her around in a while though!