Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm A Realist

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth."
- Pablo Picasso

The first piece of art that I bought was a Kill Pixie print some 6 year ago. I found these street artists to be accessible and affordable and I admit that I have since gone overboard. I own a couple of prints, a painting on a series of wallets (?), and a 10ft wide mural by the designers of insight and ksubi. For sometime these pictures have been occupying less and less wallspace. I guess as I have matured from surf brands to more quality lasting clothes my tastes have refined from what is easy and accesible to something a little more specific and skillful. Ultra-realism is something that has only in the past six months caught my attention. It started with a friend of a friend who painted a portrait of another friend of mine for an artistic competition. She painted with such realism I was shocked at how talented someone of my age could be in such a fine artistic style. The next realistic painter I was exposed to was the artist Richard Phillips. His work can most famously be seen on Gossip Girl. His painting 'Scout' hangs above the characters Chucks bed and 'Spectrum' in the Humphrey/Van Der Woodsen-Bass apartment. Although stunning to look at they are not all to my taste. I love the cropped scout picture (below) but would most likely not exhibit his other works on my wall.

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