Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swedes Do it Better

Swedish people just seem to do everything better. Maybe it has something to do with spending so much time indoors and in the dark.

Just a quick note about two fantastic Swedish things I stumbled upon this week.

först - Rekorderlig Cider

This is actually a party in your mouth. I can honestly say this is the best tasting cider I have ever tasted. The two berry varieties are so fresh and have the perfect balance between fruitiness and sweetness. The apple and pear varieties give a great fruit taste without the aciditity

näst - IKEA

Arguably Sweden's greatest export is, well, IKEA. I was seriously suprised when I stopped by their showroom the other day as to how stylish some of their new products actually are. Gone are the foil wrapped particle board standard issue items and they have been replaced with some items of great design merit.

This IKEA Stockholm console table is really quite striking. It would look perfectly in place with some mid-century design classics and its danish teak counterparts.

Kudos to you Sweden.

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