Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pear and Vanilla Bean Frappe

I got massively hooked on these guys at my local cafe, my neighbor and I would head down in between study breaks on the weekend and catch on our respective weeks and moan about how we have no time for a social life, so keeping that in mind now that our Australian summer has come to an end we wanted to kick of Autumn with our own take on it.

Crazy simple to make, these are massive so scale down to what you want. For two Frappes you want two cans of pear halves, separate the flesh and the nectar and keep the nectar in the fridge and the flesh in the freezer overnight. The next day your good to go, chuck it all in a blender along with scrapings of a vanilla bean or 1tsp of vanilla paste.

Verdict? Even better than from the cafe, using 100% frozen pear without using ice makes for a smoother consistency but can lead to pear overload.

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