Monday, June 27, 2011

Frugality is the New Ostensity

I have never been in a position in my life where I have earned as much money as I do now, but I just cant seem to hold onto any of it. I feel like I saved more money working in a bar for 15 hours a week while I studied full time.

This doesn't put me in a fantastic position for my upcoming European trip. I will be away for two and a half months traveling through two continents and I still haven't saved a dime. Besides working I have been trying to find a way to supplement my income and I think I found a winner. Scouring op-shops and auction houses for items I know have more value than what I will pay for them.

This is my first buy.

An antique Tricycle in original condition. I picked this little gem up for $20 at a local auction and its already been bid more than twice that on eBay.

I hope to have many more finds like this and will be sure to post them up.

I will be blogging more about my trip as I piece together my full Itenerary, but I wanted to leave with something that will be constituting a full week of my two-and-a-half month trip.

A Roman Holiday

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