Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bite Size Banoffee Pie in Five Minutes

Banofee Pie is absolutely my desert of choice without a doubt, but I just am not skilled enough to try and replicate the mastery that they have over at Fratelli Fresh.

These little fellas are super quick and super tasty and will totally satisfy that craving.

Grab some Arnott's Butternut Snaps and put them in the microwave for a minute.

While the biscuits are warming up chop up a banana into one centimeter slices, and stir a can of caramel topping until its smooth.

When the biscuits are finished, gently mould them into a cup shape and put in the freezer for a minute to set.

When theyre done fill with caramel topping and place a couple of banana pieces on top.

Top with whipped cream and its done! 

Quick and easy Banoffee Pie

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