Thursday, January 17, 2013

Turkey & Pear Sliders

- Fresh Bread Rolls (Ciabatta Rolls Used Here)
- 500g Minced Turkey, Lean
- 1/4 Pomegranate
- 3 Pears (2 Diced, 1 sliced horizontally)
- 3 Tbsp Low Fat Sour Cream
- 70g Blue Cheese
- 1/4 Cup Roughly Chopped Fennel
- 1 Brown Onion, Diced
- 1 Packet of Spinach

Combine Turkey, Onion and Diced Pears and shape into palm sized patties
Grill of fry until cooked through.

Warm the Blue Cheese over heat until it is quite soft, at this point add the Fennel, and sour cream and combine well.

Knock the pomegranate jewels out of the shell and rinse and set aside.

Once everything is prepared it time to get your sliders together, start with halving the rolls and spreading a heaped tablespoon of the blue-cheese mix onto the base, layer with some spinach and throw a few pomegranate jewels on top. Next goes the turkey burger and finally add one or two slices of pear to make sure you get a hit of that flavour.

These are an awesome crowd pleaser, and you really cant go wrong with burgers!

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