Sunday, September 11, 2011

Döner Time

It was an amazing day in Berlin today. It was gloriously sunny (apparently for the first time in months, Berlin has apparently had the wettest summer in a long time with more rain falling in two days than would normally for a whole summer) and I went on an amazing walking tour of the East Berlin.

Choice was limited for lunch as we only had some commercial options available to us at the train station where we stopped, so for dinner I was pretty keen to have something more local.

After I got home from this monumental six hour walking tour it had begun to cloud over as it often does after a long autumn day of 30° heat. The cloud has now turned into a thunder storm and I am in my little room stinking the place out with a delicious Döner Kebap with Knoblauchsoße (Garlic Sauce).

While waiting for my Kebap i had a look in the drinks fridge for a cold beverage and whilst my hand instinctivly reached for the half litre 2€ bottle of becks I saw 'Erdbeere' which looked like strawberry milk but was a bit of an enigma with beer in the title so I brought it along for the ride with me.

There is a huge Turkish population in Berlin, and Kebap's are the single most popular fast food here, so much so that Kebap's here have turned into somewhat of a local specialty. It sure tasted great and definitely not as salty what I remember Australian kebabs tasting like. Although the last one was so laden with chili it made me cry and hiccup at the same time.

Döner Kebap Rating: 7/10 for a great street food experience.

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