Saturday, October 1, 2011

Czeching It Out

I am amidst my organised tour through and can honestly say I was not cut out for bus travel. Tall people are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to transportation. We are not the right fit for airplane seats, buss', tube stations sloping ceilings and bus seats. I feel like I am constantly cramped into a seat with leg room made for amputee's. The only thing that has been this tour's saving grace has been the amazing cities I have seen.

Prague is a stunning city, one that I was excited to see but not one that I had any expectations or preconceived ideas about.

One of Prague's specialties is cheese! So in true food traveler mode I had cheese for all three meals on the full day that I was there. Breakfast was you standard fare with your cheese and deli meat spread. Lunch was a slight more interesting in Prague's Old Town Square with a local selection of street vendors selling their delicious wares.

I tried two different fried cheeses. The first was salty and reminiscent of haloumi

The second was Edam cheese on pastry that was very tasty albeit a little oily.

For dinner I had a potato soup (another Prague specialty) and fried Edam cheese. This time it was purely cheese battered and deep fried. Not something I would normally eat, but hey, its Prague!

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